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and I walked home about three miles from a friends after waiting outside in chilled air for a cab that just wasn't coming. very small bits of water had been falling from the sky at varying rates throughout the day and frozen over most horizontal surfaces like the sidewalk. in many places snowbanks are melted and reformed in flattened shapes growing underfoot in the form of grayish slabs of slick ice. in other places bare ground was covered in wispy layers of crystallized water grown and shaped uniquely to fit precisely into an environmental niche they reflected brightness and speckled rainbows

i don't know how to move from where i am anymore.

but it was beautiful and redeeming and my purpose seemed clear for that moment - to stand with my back straight and laugh and laugh and laugh with great(a your last thought is that you will become a noise another lost and empty noise)gusto

just tired, justly tired. want to touch someone. just my glass of water here. just some music, a banana peel, and my glass of water. Camera a dead eyeball in the corner. I can't be more specific, my deficiencies are manifold. Many folded. Together. An they said to me they said they said that it was folded into itself in their slick jackets and space boots... i'm thirsty for it what is ok for me to write here that is a modifier a sort of chosen static editor butlacking the natural capacity for an editor to be in fact a contributor.

subtractive proceses

week long paid vacation soon. where am i going to go? i don't want to stay here. a chance to just hop away for awhile.
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